Bruce Mutard's Bag of Fun

Welcome to Fabliaux (Fab-blow), the publishing arm of Bruce Mutard - as opposed to his writing arm, drawing arm, painting arm, cartoonist arm, forearm, arm in arm, shot in the arm, left arm, right arm, man-at-arms, up in arm (but don't ask him to arm-wrestle). 

At Fabliaux, you will find books, prints, comics, merchandise and original art of Bruce Mutard and other artists for sale to anyone, anywhere, anytime (sorta like the Goodies). You will find things here that are not for sale anywhere else, so dive into this site and perchance anything take your fancy, purchase.

Any hassles or questions, head to the contact form at the foot of this page.

x Bruce. 


Appearance at Bendigo Record, Comic And Toy Fair

September 16, 2016

Dillon Naylor, Carol Wood, Susan Butcher and myself, Bruce Mutard will be running a Fabliaux table at this here cool fair on Sunday 18th September.... Read More

Let go the champagne - sorry - sparkling white!

October 29, 2015

The bottle crashes metaphorically on the bow of the good ship Fabliaux, and we watch as it glides down the slipway into the ocean of... Read More