Dillon Naylor, Carol Wood, Susan Butcher and myself, Bruce Mutard will be running a Fabliaux table at this here cool fair on Sunday 18th September. Come by and hoover up a table full of the wondrous comics and goodies we all have to offer. Get stuff signed, marked, doodled in. Have a chat to us about our latest grand plan for world domination. We are at phase 5, looking for a fluffy white lap cat. Very important that. We will sign up minions who are happy to die at our whim, and at the hands of OHMSS. So, hope to see you there.

The bottle crashes metaphorically on the bow of the good ship Fabliaux, and we watch as it glides down the slipway into the ocean of internet sites and commerce. Actually, I think we've just pushed out a leaf with a few ants on it, but from little things, big things doth grow. It is here that one can get graphic novels, comics, prints, figurines and whatever else we at Fabliaux, decide to put out into the world. We are in it for love, not money, and we won't sell out for love or money! Er... actually, depends on the lovin' and/or how much money! So, have a dekko about this site, and let me know what's good, what's not, what's rot or maybe even order something.