About Us


ˈfablɪəʊ, 0fɑbljo/ noun. Pl. -aux /-əʊz, -o/.

ORIGIN: French from Old French (Picard) fablia(u)x pl. of fablel dim. of fable. Burlesque, bawdy and satirical verse tales primarily written by jongleurs in northeast France between ca. 1150 and 1400. They are generally characterized by crude humour, anti-clericalism and anti-authoritarianism.

Fabliaux has been set up by Bruce Mutard to publish comics, books, zines, prints and other literary arts that have a niche readership, therefore would not be considered by many publishers as having commercial appeal. Until the recent arrival of the online retail and digital publishing, publishers operated on a model where their commercially successful books subsidised the publication of works of literary merit, but have a known small readership. They also used to pay their writers and artists so that they can keep doing what they do best. That model is largely gone, so it has fallen to niche publishing houses to keep a diversity of voices out there. Many of these are run by successful authors, whose passion for books extends to putting out the work of others; that is what I'm doing here. I will publish work of my own too.

Self-publishing is a route many take, and is almost necessary in this new publishing universe. Authors have to put runs on the board, prove they have an audience and marketing nous before a publisher will pick them up. In short, publishers now scour the internet - particularly Amazon - looking for 'hot' bloggers, YouTube stars and other trending properties to make safe bets, which is a shame. The great literary works that have stood the test of time have always passed through gatekeepers. Read any great author and you'll see that they almost always thank their editors and agents first, since they know how to bring the best out of a writer and also shoot straight. I certainly do my editors and publishers.

So, with Fabliaux, you will find the quirky, the interesting and unusual (mostly) Australian comics from artists who might have been around a long time, or might be new. I don't publish with a view to making a mint, but because I think the works deserve to be in print and I will do what I can to take them to their readers. I'm not an entrepreneur but an artist who loves art and wants to share more of it with the world. I hope you like what you find on here, and please, tell me if you do.