Penni In Vegetaria

Written and Illustrated by Dillon Naylor

32 pages, full colour. 

Suitable for ages 7 and up. 

Penni hates eating her greens, so when she finds an Ovoid (a spaceship) at the bottom of her backyard (as you do), she sets the controls for Candyland, hoping to spend her days lazing on a beach of sugar crystals eating ice cream. Unfortunately, she lands in Vegetaria – a world where the Fruit are at war with the Vegetables. It is illegal to ask questions why they are war, so Penni's persistent asking land her in trouble with the Queen of Vegetables. Escaping, she winds up in Fruitopia where the same law applies. But she also learns that both the Fruitopians and Vegetarians are bidding for a secret weapon the Fungi have been developing, which will make for a decisive victory for one side or the other. Penni decides that enough is enough, and sets out to prove that war is not the only answer to an argument. But is she too late?  Read and find out!

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