Pox #6

Before Art Is A Lie, Carol Wood and Susan Butcher cast POX into the world to try and clean it up from the poxy state it was in. It didn't work - as you can well tell by looking out your window - but it was an admirable attempt. Just imagine MAD, National Lampoon, ZAP, weird Christian propaganda comics, the Church of the Sub-Genius, RAW, Chris Ware, Beano, VIZ and Weirdo all mixed into one. That's what POX is like. No? Can't imagine it? My my, you've got some catching up to do! You'll just have to buy it and substitute it for what passes as your imagination (and stop doing that crystal meth). There were six issues of this originally, but #6 is the only one left in print, so here's your chance to get yerself an edjakayshun.

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